H&H Partners Develops Cloud Strategy for Major Global Retailer

H&H Partners Consulting assists retail client with a  large scale cloud and virtualization strategy for adoption and migration from a high concentration of physical server traditional environment combined with a public cloud presence currently hosted by several large public cloud providers, to a predominant private cloud with the end state goal of achieving 80%+ virtualized /hybrid model and migration. The projected cost savings benefits are expected to yield operation expenditure savings in excess of $150M over the next 3 years. In addition the client will have enhanced flexibility, agility, and availability that can be utilized for the typical changes in market conditions normally seen in retail businesses of this size and market dominance.    more>>


H&H Partners Helps Large Bank with Compliance and Cost Reduction

H&H Partners Consulting facilitates solutions to regulatory and compliance issues of the top financial institutions in the US with significant regulatory, compliance, and business disaster recovery and continuity planning to achieve and conclude a long term OCC audit.  H&H Partners began the discovery, assessment, and recommendations phase of this large project in 2011 and concluded the planning, remediation, and execution phase in August 2013. The project consisted of working with key areas of the business units to identify core services that were in scope and under regulatory scrutiny and then mapping key dependencies, risks, and recommendations to a solution to address what was required to be in compliance.    more>>


H&H Partners Announces Kurt Bills as Board Member

H&H Partners Consulting Corporation (H&H Partners), a global leader in the delivery of technology and business solutions and services, announced the appointment of Kurt Bills to its board of directors. Mr. Bills has joined H&H Partners to serve in the capacity as an Executive Chairman and Senior Advisor and will assist in guiding the corporation in strategic efforts by taking advantage of his past contributions in both private and public sector capacities. Mr. Bills brings 20+ years of experience to H&H Partners with demonstrated leadership capabilities spanning from his current service as an educator in economics, to his role as a business owner, his public service in local and state elected positions, as well as his recent formal campaign for the United States Senate.    more>>